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The Florida Crime Prevention Association
PO Box 4176 Winter Park, FL 32793
321-765-FCPA(3272 )


Training Available


The Florida Crime Prevention Association provides quality training throughout the state of Florida. Many times, our members have had the rare opportunity to attend training they felt produced quality information. We ask our members to provide the FCPA with the names of instructors or classes they feel would benefit our organization.

We will always attempt to conduct classes at a reduced cost or no cost to members.

Thank you for your continued support of the Florida Crime Prevention Association.

Savvy Seniors

What is Savvy Seniors? It is a 5 hour class developed by the FCPA for the community. Included in the seminar are classes on ID theft, Investment Fraud, Death Fraud and Taxpayer ID hacking.

We develop the flyers and only ask that the hosting agency find us a location for the seminar and advertise it to your community. The power of the FCPA is that we can then have several agencies participating at the same time and those agencies are all listed as the host of the seminar. It's a win-win for you and the community. Your agency gets credit, and we do all of the work of presenting.

If you are interested in hosting our "Savvy Seniors" senior fraud prevention seminar, please contact us as



Florida Attorney's General Office

Click here to view a listing of crime prevention classes offered by the AG