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The Florida Crime Prevention Association
PO Box 4176 Winter Park, FL 32793
321-765-FCPA(3272 )


Membership Benefits


Since 1969, the association has provided training via the annual statewide training conference. Some of the training that has been offered at these conferences included: retail theft prevention, crime prevention through environmental design, advanced security inspections, liability for crime prevention personnel and homeland security training. The Florida Crime Prevention Association is a member of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and works with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute of the Florida Attorney General's Office.


The Florida Crime Prevention Association provides a network of practitioners who are willing to share prevention programs, ideas, talents, and expertise in an effort to “build safer communities.” The FCPA's philosophy is “no one should have to reinvent the wheel” every time they need information for a presentation or program.

Specialized Crime Prevention Training

The Florida Crime Prevention Association offers on-site training on a variety of crime prevention disciplines.

Information Sharing

Through it's website, newsletter and email bulletins, the association keeps its members up-to-date on the latest tools available, as well as, new training methods and legal aspects of crime prevention that may effect the membership.